With more than 30 years of existence, the Gavinho group was born and developed in the Portuguese and international markets with a single objective of developing differentiated projects and solutions.
From architectural design to strategic planning, from conception to construction, we have the skills for any project phase. The group consists of Gavinho Architecture & Interiors and Gavinho & Associados – Promoção Imobiliária e Reabilitação.
The market recognizes us for our demanding sense in planning, creative development and execution.




Gavinho Associados’ success results from the combination of highly competent project teams, combined with selecting projects of excellence. This selection and differentiation provide real estate assets with a value that makes them less prone to market volatility, ensuring a consistent return.
We pride ourselves on the values that characterize our work: high design standards and timeless materiality. From the most comprehensive view to the smallest detail, from the beginning to the end of each project.





Gavinho Associados aggregates all services related to the construction and rehabilitation of private residences, developments and business environments.
New Construction
We execute all project stages, from planning to execution, respecting the civil construction’s techniques and good practices.
Recovery of pre-existing buildings, preserving a large part of the built elements, reducing the number of demolitions and corresponding reconstructions, making materials and techniques compatible, giving preference to repairings that use traditional technologies and current materials.



  • Civil construction and rehabilitation
  • Project management
  • Coordination and supervision of building works
  • Civil engineering and respective specialities




Gavinho Associados is a company specialized in the construction, development, commercialization and management of real estate assets in Portugal.
We have vast experience in the rehabilitation of historic and unique buildings, preferably in prime areas. Our focus is on promoting residential projects, preferably with superior quality features, contributing to the cities’ urban rehabilitation.
Since its beginning in 2014, Gavinho Associados has leveraged its local experience in developing reference projects. Thanks to an excellent multidisciplinary team composed of technicians from different areas, complemented by a creative visionary team, Gavinho Associados develops differentiated and quality residential and commercial projects.
With project management experience in the various stages of development, Gavinho Associados intends to present itself to the market as a reference solution in support of its customers, partners, and investors of high patrimonial value.